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Some of Our Instructors and those we partner with

Tim "The Beard" Kerstetter

The Beard is our Range Manager and oversees all of our in house training. He is an NRA Instructor who is certified to instruct pistol and rifle use. He is also an infantry combat veteran, 82nd Airborne, who shoots competitively in his free time. He draws upon over a decade in the shooting sports to help instruct on the basics of self-defense, target shooting, and safety. 

Jarrell H. is not only one of our Instructors he is one of our gunsmiths as well

Jarrell Holland

From being former Law Enforcement to an NRA Counselor, Jarrell has the knowledge and experience to instruct anyone. Although soft-spoken at times,  Jarrell draws upon decades of training that ranges from NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (Former) to Machining, Gunsmithing, and Reloading. 


As a retired Law Enforcement Officer, Dave has accrued priceless experience throughout a 27-year career. With over 20 firearm related certifications ranging from FBI Certified Firearms Instructor to being an FBI Certified Sniper, Dave can really do it all. And the plus side is that he can teach out too! 



The founder of Bishop 30 Solutions is a retired US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer and a 20 year veteran of the DEA.  Noell is also Army Ranger qualified, a Tactical Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and a certified NRA rifle and pistol instructor.  He has participated in combat operations in Iraq and in Law Enforcement operations in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Noell draws from his robust background to provide top rated training courses for civilians, businesses, and churches.

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Bullet & Barrel Classes:


Bullet and Barrel offers Personal Training with our in-house certified instructors. Please contact to schedule now!

First Steps

Our First steps class is a 2-hour course that goes into the basics of safety, marksmanship and how to enjoy the shooting sports. This class does include a free firearm rental and ammunition (ammunition must be purchased separately if caliber is different from .22lr).



Youth Marksmanship

This is a 2-hour class that covers firearm safety and marksmanship with a 22 Rifle (Rifle and Ammunition supplied). The goal of this class is to teach fundamental rifle skills to those that are 10-15 years old. We ask that a parent remains on site for the duration of the class. 



Below we have our friends from Bishop 30 Solutions course outlines. Please visit 

Bishop 30 Solutions

Handgun 101 & Selection (Ladies Only Available)

(4.5 hrs) This course is not only fun but a basic course that is designed for the individual that wants to learn about handguns and shooting. The course includes gun safety, parts of the handguns, ammunition and ammunition selection, loading and unloading, misfires, establishing your dominant eye, grip, stance and more.  Students then go to the range and begin shooting a variety of different handguns to see which gun fits them the best.  All handguns and ammunition are provided.

* $120



Concealed Carry Virtual Training

(4 hrs) Carrying a handgun can be vital in keeping you safe but can also be detrimental if you don’t know the laws or how to react to situations. Learn about the 21 ft rule, how to present from the concealed/unconcealed, and what to do post shooting and when the police arrive. Expert attorney Greg Hopkins then teaches you about Alabama firearm laws such as when you can use deadly force, justification for self-defense, and more. The remaining portion of the course utilizes virtual training, with CO2 filled Glock pistols, to engage students in real-world shoot/no shoot scenarios to provide some of the most realistic training around. Equipment needed: Pistol, holster, concealment garment. 

Ladies only also available.

* $100

Concealed Carry Range

(4 hrs) Take your range training to the next level! Enhance your basic skills by engaging targets while presenting from the concealed/unconcealed, magazine reloads (emergency and save), strong/weak hand shooting, fixing malfunctions, working with a tactical flashlight and conducting a magazine change with it, slice the pie drill live fire, and more. Equipment needed: semi-automatic pistol (recommended), two magazines, holster, magazine pouch, concealment garment, tactical flashlight and 150 rounds of pistol ammunition. If you do not have equipment please let us know and we will try to accommodate. Ladies only also available.

* $100

Advanced Pistol 1

(3 hrs) Once you know the basics, start on the road to becoming a pistolero. Building upon your basic skills you will learn to apply them on different exercises. You move with the pistol, conduct hallway shooting exercises, shoot around a barricade while transferring hands, pivot, and shoot, move in the defense of others and more. Equipment needed: pistol, two magazines, holster, magazine pouch, and 200 rounds of pistol ammunition. Prerequisite: Concealed Carry Range

* $140

Advanced Pistol 2

(3 hrs) This course not only teaches dynamic skills but is fun and exciting. After completing Advanced Pistol I Range, this course will accelerate your skills and confidence with your handgun. You will learn how to stay alive and fight. We will start out with a quick warm up, and start learning skills not often taught in a handgun course. Learn strong and weak hand reloading, close-up defense with a handgun, three-stage drill, shoot no shoot exercise and more. Equipment needed: pistol, two magazines, holster, magazine pouch, and 100 rounds of pistol ammunition. Prerequisite: Advanced Pistol I

* $140

Tactical Carbine 1

(4 hrs) The founder uses his DEA and Special Forces experience to teach you to be proficient with the AR-15 type rifle. Students will be taught the nomenclature of the rifle, ballistics, zeroing, shooting positions, reloading, accuracy drills, a transition to pistol, how to shoot and move as an individual. This is the perfect course if you want the basics and be proficient with a carbine.  So, break that carbine out and start putting it through its paces.  Equipment: AR-15 type rifle with sling, at least two rifle magazines, rifle magazine pouch, pistol with holster and 100 rds rifle and 10 rounds pistol.

* $150

Tactical Carbine 2

(4 hrs) This is your opportunity to learn skills taught mainly to operators and the elite. This course is not only fun but full of advanced skills. After you confirm your zero, learn to switch from your left and right shoulder and then around a barricade, the zigzag movement exercise, the El Pres transition drill, buddy movements and more. You have a chance to learn skills with your AR-15 you never thought you could. Equipment: AR-15 type rifle with sling, at least two rifle magazines, rifle magazine pouch, pistol with holster and 130 rounds rifle and 20 rounds pistol. Prerequisite: Tactical Carbine I

* $150

Personal Saftey and Defense

(3 hrs) We currently live in a world that is getting more and more violent. This course teaches how to avoid being a victim of a crime. You will learn how to avoid a bad situation, environmental awareness, what to do during an abduction, how to locate and use improvised weapons, pros and cons of store-bought weapons, reactions to and how to prepare yourself for an active shooter event, and active shooter trends and more. Students will learn basic defensive moves such as an eye gouge, elbow strike, knee strikes, and more. It is recommended that students wear clothes that are easy to move in. This course is for ages 12+, especially students away at college.

Due to the nature of some subject matter, parental discretion is advised.

* $100




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