“I came home from college for the summer and have spent pretty much all of my free time at Bullet and Barrel. I was working full time as well as taking online classes and whenever I got stressed or needed a break, Bullet and Barrel was always there to provide some relief and helped clear my head. The first time I went, I was extremely nervous and wouldn’t leave my dad’s side. By my last trip to the range of the summer, I knew most of the staff and am good friends with several of them now. I was always welcomed with a smile from everyone and felt wanted and at home, even when I went without my dad. With help from people like Tim and Jason, in just two short months, my shooting pattern went from edge to edge of the paper to hitting red every time. I’ve been hunting since I was two so firearms are no mystery, but handguns are a whole separate world and I had only held/fired one maybe 10 times before this summer. The guys helped me find a gun that fit my hands and my needs. By the end of this summer I was participating in “tournaments” like Members on Edge and I was able to keep up with guys that have professional experience. I’m going to miss having Bullet and Barrel right down the road when I go back to school but am looking forward to Christmas break where I can go visit and shoot again!” AC

"These folks have a fantastic range. As an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer, I can say that every time I have visited this range, firearms safety has been a top priority for the staff. They have an awesome range facility and they have great customer service. I have been in many indoor ranges across the US and this is, by far, the best option in North Alabama." DL

"My son and I took a gun safety class and had a great time. The instructors were knowledgeable and made the class fun without losing the seriousness of what we were there to learn. Tim took extra time to help my son making him feel confident. He was very encouraging no matter how bad my aim was. Excellent service, great facility. Highly recommend." Ds

"I visited this place on the recommendation of a friend of mine, and it was worth it. The location's a little unexpected (off Drake, around where the old airport was), and the exterior is nondescript, much like just about everything on Leeman.

Inside is where the magic happens. You walk in and thing you've entered on of those upscale clothes boutiques out of that Gucci-class "Scout Guide" (said guide is also available inside). 20 meters in, and you're in an honest-to-Mithras, full-service range facility.

Gunsmith? Check. The available guns for retail are all solid lines; no Hi-Points to be found. There people are selling MERKELs, for those that can stomach the idea of swinging a multi-thousand-dollar shotgun or rifle in the elements. For us mortals, there is a solid range of handguns. The long gun selection is a little light, but I suspect as they run more demand analysis, it'll branch out.

The whole point of the place, though, is the main draw, and that's the range itself. First of all, the ventilation system is scaled to the facility, and works exactly as it should. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't post their filtration test numbers on the wall, as good as it is. HVAC is on-point. Range equipment is state-of-the art, digital and targets are free of charge while you shoot. They have examples of the guns they sell available to try on the range, if you (and you should) want to check the fit of something you're interested in.

The best part of the range, though, is the staff. No 5.11-wearing, first-termer (or no-termer) mall ninjas present. The ones I talked to are all retired LEO or MIL, emphasize safety and are have professional demeanor. It was a pleasure to shoot without worrying what was happening to my right or left. If you want help, they'll provide it. If you don't, that's cool, too. If you have a malfunction (as a shooter did in the lane next to me), they'll get the gunsmith there to sort it out. Hands-down it's the safest range I've attended in years.

The rest of the facility is pretty sweet. There's a lounge area, what looks like it'd be a nice bar (I don't know if that's the intent), and a classroom facility.

Bottom line: 5/5, would jump again." MU


(256) 384-GUNS


3252 Leeman Ferry Road

Huntsville, AL 35801